Matovic: Krajci Main Favourite for Health Minister

8. marca 2020 17:32
(Markiza, 'Na telo', March 8) Probable future prime minister Igor Matovic (OLaNO) revealed on TV Markiza's show 'Na telo' (Tough Questions) on Sunday that the top favourite for health minister is his MP Marek Krajci. "We're selecting from two or perhaps three candidates, but Marek Krajci is the main favourite. I think that I've gone to the edge now by revealing one specific name," said Matovic amid persistent refusals this week of all future coalition parties - OLaNO, We Are Family, SaS and For the People - to reveal any nominations for the future cabinet. Nevertheless, Matovic noted that OLaNO has been the only party to be interested in the Health Ministry. He added that he partly understands this, as the Health Ministry is rather unfortunate when it comes to the possibility of scoring political points. As for possible changes in the national police leadership and the prosecutor-general's office, Matovic said that no final agreement has been reached among the future coalition partners. When it comes to Special Prosecutor Dusan Kovacik, whose term is due to expire next year, Matovic said that he should "realise his score" and vacate his seat early. Matovic stated that it would be "dramatically cheaper" to return the ordered F-16 fighter jets to the USA than to buy them, but it must be ascertained whether it's actually possible. bub/mcs
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