Some 300,000 People in Slovakia Don't Have Food Store in Their Village

27. februára 2020 15:02
Bratislava, February 27 (TASR) - Some 300,000 people in Slovakia don't have access to foodstuffs directly in their municipality, which is three-times the population of Bratislava's borough of Petrzalka, the Council to Ensure Access to Food told a news conference on Thursday, adding that delivery services might help to improve the situation. The council was established under the auspices of the Agriculture Ministry. It held its first session on Thursday where its members shared their roles in addressing this issue. The problem of insufficient access to foodstuffs directly in a municipality concerns 1,133 villages. There's no bricks and mortar food store in more than a half of villages with populations of up to 250. Concerning villages with population up to 500, some 20 percent of them don't have direct access to a food shop. Mobile shops are a possible solution in such cases, however, only 7 percent of these municipalities make use of it. According to the Agriculture Ministry, a lack of brick and mortar stores in smaller municipalities has partly been caused by the fact that foreign retail chains only seek economically advantageous localities, namely bigger villages and towns. However, the ministry also sees the problem in depopulation of municipalities. Young people leave such villages and chiefly pensioners or people with physical disabilities face the problem of access to foodstuffs. Most mayors of smaller municipalities claim they don't have enough money to ensure a municipal food store and, therefore, they think this problem should be addressed by the state. The Council to Ensure Access to Food features experts from the Agriculture Ministry, the Towns and Villages Association (ZMOS) and the Trade Association (ZO). ko/mcs
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