Kiska to File Criminal Complaint over Defamation and Slander

14. februára 2020 10:04
Bratislava, February 14 (TASR) - For the People leader Andrej Kiska is filing a criminal complaint over defamation and slander in connection to a certain video that was sent on Thursday evening to several Slovak media by an anonymous person. The video shows two men discussing Kiska"s land ownership dispute, which ended up being a case, from 2018. Kiska, who at that time was the president, was in dispute with dentist Jan Franc, with both of them claiming to own a parcel of land in Velky Slavkov (Presov region). The ex-president ended up losing the case. One of the men in the video, namely Michal Suliga, who was a witness in the case and the owner of the company from which Kiska bought the parcel, says in the video that Kiska knew he is buying land acquired illegally by positive prescription. The other man is Milan Reichel, a man with alleged connections to the underworld in Poprad (Presov region). "It"s a primitive video featuring two very poor and untrustworthy actors, who are being investigated by the police for various types of fraud. It"s obvious that their conversation follows a premeditated scenario and it"s tragicomic," stated Kiska, adding that he"s never seen Reichel and that he bought the land parcel from Suliga"s company reacting to an advertisement in newspapers. According to Kiska, it"s head of Smer-SD Robert Fico who"s the mastermind behind the video as Fico promised him in 2019, when Kiska was still the president, "revenge and attacks" if he doesn"t appoint him to the post of Constitutional Court head. The judge who ruled in the case stated in the judgment that Kiska bought the land in good faith and couldn"t have known that it"d been acquired illegally. zel
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