SNS Can Envision Forging Coalition with Smer-SD, Most-Hid and KDH

24. januára 2020 19:24
Bratislava, January 24 (TASR) - The Slovak National Party (SNS) can envision putting together a governing coalition with Smer-SD, Most-Hid and Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) parties after the February's parliamentary election, although it would embrace any coalition that can achieve sufficient programme overlap and the only party it excludes from cooperation is far-right People's Party Our Slovakia (LSNS), TASR learnt from SNS chair Andrej Danko's spokesperson Zuzana Skopcova on Friday. "The party also holds little interest in communication with people such as (SaS chair Richard) Sulik and (OLaNO leader Igor) Matovic. What's important for us is to find parties that know what politics and the promotion of a programme is about," reads the SNS statement. SNS perceives LSNS as a party with plenty of criminally prosecuted people on its slate and an organisation unable to come to terms with its extremist and fascist past. "Who votes for (LSNS leader Marian) Kotleba works to weaken the patriotic, Christian and social forces," said Skopcova. Danko also praised Smer-SD leaders Peter Pellegrini and Robert Fico for rejecting the notion of any future government with Kotleba, too. mf
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