President: Functional Self-Governments Boost Slovakia's Prosperity

14. januára 2020 14:24
Bratislava, January 14 (TASR) - Functional self-governments are the best safeguard of democracy that a country can have, said President Zuzana Caputova in a speech during a meeting with representatives of self-governing associations who were invited to the Presidential Palace as part of New Year's receptions by the head of state. At the meeting, the president praised the process of decentralisation and the development that self-government has gone through from its inception to the present. "Democracy in Slovakia wouldn't be complete and possible if self-government weren't applied wherever citizens have the right to express their opinions," said the president, who is convinced that self-governments contribute towards the country's growth and prosperity. In this context, she emphasised the need for local governments to cooperate with local people, associations and especially other branches of public administration. President of the Union of Slovak Towns (UMS) Richard Rybnicek stressed in his speech the importance of public administration for running the state. He announced that UMS will present a proposal for a public administration reform in all areas of life at the end of January. In the name of the union he asked the future new government to set up a commission for structural reform of public administration. "We're already speaking to political parties about the need to set up this commission, which will have political blessing," said Rybnicek, asking the president for support in this effort. Head of the association of self-governing regions SK8 Jozef Viskupic has no doubt that public administration reform will be an important topic for the future executive and legislature. "I assume that the manifesto of any government will have to include the ambition to audit self-governing bodies," he said. am/df
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