At Least 86,000 People Have Enrolled to Vote by Mail in General Election

14. januára 2020 15:24
Bratislava, January 14 (TASR) - Apps via which the public were able to apply to vote from abroad via post in the February general election have been used by at least 86,000 Slovak citizens, according to statistics provided by Slovensko.Digital and Home Is Where the Heart Is, two initiatives that run these applications. Slovensko.Digital's app was used by almost 39,000 people, which is more than double than in 2016. The Home Is Where the Heart Is initiative's app was used by more than 47,000 Slovak citizens, while the Interior Ministry alone registered 4,000 such requests. The ministry noted that neither municipalities nor the ministry itself are obliged to respond to these requests even though it recommended that the public should ask for request confirmation. If the ministry or a municipality hasn't confirmed that it's received a request, it doesn't mean that the voter won't be able to vote via post. "The key thing is whether their request was delivered to the email address of the ministry or a given municipality by midnight, January 10. The request is then processed..." stated the Interior Ministry. The total number of all applicants who have enrolled will be known after the general election, when complete statistics will be provided by municipalities and the Interior Ministry. zel/df
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