Father of Jan Kuciak: I Immediately Suspected Marian K.

14. januára 2020 13:41
Pezinok, January 14 (TASR) - Jozef Kuciak, the father of murdered journalist Jan Kuciak, stated in court on Tuesday that it occurred to him immediately after the murder that Marian K. was behind it. "I kept telling myself that such a thing couldn't happen [in Slovakia], as we have working courts, working prosecutor's offices ... the opposite was true," he said. According to him, his son also thought that no one in Slovakia would dare to resort to such a course of action. Kuciak's wife Jana Kuciakova was also supposed to testify, but as the court couldn't understand what she was saying, the head of the senate asked the defence and prosecution whether they would agree to forego Kusnirova's spoken testimony and have her testimony from the preliminary proceedings read out instead. Both sides agreed to this. The testimony stated that Kuciakova advised her son not to write about topics that could put him in danger, to which Kuciak replied that he was doing this so that people in Slovakia would have better lives. zel/df
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