SaS Not Surprised by TIS Ranking, PG-Together Demanding of Oneself

5. decembra 2019 20:20
Bratislava, December 5 (TASR) - Having its campaign financed in a transparent manner is a given for Freedom and Solidarity (SaS), party chair Richard Sulik declared on Thursday. Sulik spoke in response to a campaign transparency chart released by Transparency International Slovakia (TIS) earlier in the day, which awarded the top place jointly to SaS and non-parliamentary coalition of Progressive Slovakia-Together. SaS wasn't surprised by its ranking. "In the same fashion we govern our finances, we will govern also public affairs - honestly and transparently. We want to make it worthwhile to live, work and run a business in Slovakia," stated Sulik. Progressive Slovakia-Together leader Michal Truban claimed that the coalition puts great emphasis on transparent financing. He is confident that Slovakia has what it takes to become a modern European and fair country. According to Truban, Progressive Slovakia-Together coalition sets the bar high in terms of transparency expectations. "And in this similar way - fairly and transparently - we intend also to govern the country," he added. mf
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