Ex-police Officer Given Suspended Sentence for Mistreating Two Women

3. decembra 2019 19:58
Bratislava, December 3 (TASR) - A Bratislava District Court judge on Tuesday handed down a suspended sentence of three years with five years of probation to an ex-police officer, identified due to legal reasons only as Lubos T., over his mistreating and rough handling of two women - mother and daughter - whom he stopped for a road check in Bratislava back in 2014, TASR learnt from Bratislava Regional Court spokesman Pavol Adamciak on the same day. The sentence is not yet valid. The ex-police officer was found guilty of misusing the powers of a public official and unlawful confinement. "The defendant also needs to publicly apologise to the aggrieved party," added Adamciak. In 2014, the case made headlines when the woman going to a family celebration with her daughter had her car stopped by a two-man police patrol in the Bratislava borough of Petrzalka. "From the outset, one of the police officers acted quite rudely. He was raising his voice at us, demanding to see a red sticker about the technical inspection of the vehicle," Maria, the daughter, told reporters then. When the women explained that they received permission to use the car at the technical inspection without the red sticker, the policeman wanted to confiscate the car. "Already then, he started to yell at me, asking me if I'm deaf and stupid," said Maria. "Momma then asked him whether he uses that kind of language also with his Mum, which she shouldn't have said. He yelled back at her: 'Who do you think you're talking to, c*nt' and shoved her against the boot of the car." The daughter began to record the police officers with a mobile phone camera. Afterwards both women were roughly handled and handcuffed, with the reason behind the daughter's arrest being that she didn't have her ID card on her, only a document confirming that she'd lost it. mf/mcs
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