Harabin: Bloc of National, Christian and Patriotic Parties Could Be Created

14. novembra 2019 9:51
Bratislava, November 14 (TASR) - The extra-parliamentary Homeland party is ready to cooperate with any party with which it shares national, Christian and patriotic principles, Homeland chairman Stefan Harabin has stated in a Tablet.tv discussion, mentioning the possibility that a national-Christian bloc could be created. Harabin has invited leader of the far-right People's Party Our Slovakia (LSNS) Marian Kotleba to talks planned for Thursday. Kotleba, who on Wednesday signed a cooperation memorandum with several extra-parliamentary parties that he described as national and Christian, intends to come to the meeting as a representative of all of them. Harabin's image of cooperation is even broader. Harabin claimed that some parties are forming an ultra-liberal bloc, "whose values and programme goals are abnormal". He criticised the promotion of the Istanbul Convention, the adoption of children by homosexual couples, the downplaying of drugs and the promotion of greater integration into the EU. When asked how he views the political return of former prime minister Vladimir Meciar, Harabin stated that he considers him to be the legal architect of Slovak statehood. zel/df
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