Prosecutor-General Ciznar Suspends Trnka as Prosecutor (UPDATE)

31. októbra 2019 14:00
Bratislava, October 31 (TASR) - Prosecutor-General Jaromir Ciznar has suspended from duty prosecutor Dobroslav Trnka, who has also seen disciplinary proceedings launched against him, news website reported on Thursday. Two weeks ago Ciznar claimed that it wasn't possible to suspend Trnka, as he hadn't been charged with any crime. He also said that it wasn't possible to initiate any disciplinary motion due the fact that a shady conversation between Trnka and businessman Marian K., now charged with ordering the murder of journalist Jan Kuciak, took place too long ago and the matter has fallen under the statute of limitations since then. "The disciplinary commission today, October 31, 2019, received a disciplinary motion concerning two issues against prosecutor of the Prosecutor-General's Office JUDr. D.T., whereby disciplinary proceedings were launched. Subsequently, Prosecutor-General Jaromir Ciznar issued a decision to suspend prosecutor D.T. from duty," wrote the Prosecutor-General's Office in a press statement. The PG's Office at the same time denied any previous inaction regarding Trnka, stating that the situation was examined vis-a-vis the possible launching of disciplinary proceedings. A recording emerged recently in which Marian K. seems to be upbraiding Trnka for an attempt to blackmail tycoon Jaroslav Hascak with another illegal recording. The police have allegedly had the alleged Marian K.-Trnka recording since October 2018. Meanwhile, the Jan Kuciak Investigative Centre on Wednesday released a video apparently showing Marian K. and Trnka setting up a camera in the latter's office. The video recording, which is more than one minute long, shows two men setting up a camera in a room with a couch. After one of the men instructs the other to sit down, a man resembling Trnka appears on the screen. He instructs the other man, who has a voice resembling Marian K.'s, to adjust the angle of the camera. "We'll sit here," said the man resembling Trnka. The footage indicates the year 2000, but it's possible to set any date on such cameras, so the date of the recording can't be established for certain at the moment. Trnka was deputy prosecutor-general from 1999, before becoming prosecutor-general for seven years as of 2004. bub/df
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