Ruzicka: EU's Greatest Challenge Is Further Cooperation Across Generations

9. októbra 2019 20:09
Bratislava, October 9 (TASR) - The biggest challenge for the European Union in the coming period is the cooperation of member countries across generations on a project that has secured peace for 70 years, Foreign and European Affairs Ministry state secretary Frantisek Ruzicka stated at the National Convention on the EU that was held at University of Economics in Bratislava on Wednesday. Ruzicka noted that Slovakia, thanks to its EU membership, has one of the strongest passports in the world with which Slovaks can travel to over 180 countries. He also mentioned the Erasmus plus programme for young people, the introduction of the euro and roaming, which, in his view, are specific examples of the benefits of our membership in the European project. In relation to the future direction of the EU, Ruzicka said that despite the differences, a discussion with other EU member states is necessary because the European Union and European cooperation is about showing respect and listening to others. Swedish Minister for EU Affairs Hans Dahlgren and Portuguese EU Affairs Ministry State Secretary Ana Paula Zacarias also took part in the discussions with university students on the future direction of the EU and its key policies. Dahlgren sees the future direction of the EU in upholding values such as freedom, democracy and respect for human rights. According to Zacarias, the EU is at cross-roads and is facing three major challenges: the climate crisis, the population ageing and the technological revolution. According to her, they will bring changes in the social, political and economic area in the future. "The European Union will be stronger if we cooperate," she stressed. am
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