Over 4,750 Motions Sent to Ombudswoman during Term of Office

9. októbra 2019 19:04
Bratislava, October 9 (TASR) - I've received 4,754 motions and suggestions during my term of office, Ombudswoman Maria Patakyova stated at a press conference on Wednesday, adding that her lawyers from the Ombudsman's Office have handled 4,504 of them. "In the past five years, this is the highest number of complaints submitted. These figures indicate that we've had a 25-percent increase in complaints," said Patakyova. She most often receives motions related to violations of rights in protracted court proceedings. "More than half of the violations of fundamental rights and freedoms concern delays in legal proceedings," noted head of the Ombudsman's Office Marian Torok. According to Torok, trips to the regions and the Ombudswoman's Guide to the Galaxy of Public Authorities have contributed to the increased number of submissions. Patakyova further said that she wants to focus on the rights of women relating to midwife care, the unlawful sterilisation of Roma women, the possibility of voting from abroad, the rights of same-sex couples and wheelchair access to trains. am/df
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