Opposition: Analysis on National Air Carrier Obvious Waste of Money

11. septembra 2019 20:20
Bratislava, September 11 (TASR) - Feasibility studies into the founding of the national air carrier are a waste of money, think opposition Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) and OLaNO parties, TASR learnt on Wednesday. The liberals of SaS declared that they had perceived the plans to set up the national air carrier as a waste of time and money since Parliamentary Chair Andrej Danko (Slovak National Party/SNS) came up with the idea. "Already half a year ago, we've been warning the Government and public that any attempt to found the national air carrier is doomed to failure. Furthermore, we've been pointing out that drafting an analysis worth €57,000 meant throwing the money down the drain. It was clear how this would end up before works on any analysis even begun," said SaS MP Miroslav Ivan. OLaNO called the plan of creating the national air and waterway carrier an "economic nonsense". According to OLaNO MP Jan Marosz, the Government should first take care of the "collapsing" railway transport and then expand work on new projects. mf
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