Marian K. Has Been Transferred from Leopoldov to Nitra Prison

11. septembra 2019 12:20
Bratislava, September 11 (TASR) - Entrepreneur Marian K. (name abbreviated due to legal reasons), who is facing multiple charges including the ordering of journalist Jan Kuciak's murder, has been transferred from Leopoldov (Trnava region) prison to a prison in Nitra, businessman's lawyer Marek Para said, adding that the relocation allegedly took place on Tuesday (September 10) in the evening. "We still insist on our position and opinion that as long as my client is in custody in Leopoldov, the main hearings should take place at the Leopoldov prison. Or we hold the opinion that for economic reasons, Marian K. should be moved to Bratislava prison, where hearings are currently underway with him," stressed Para. A senate of the Specialised Criminal Court decided on Tuesday negatively on the proposal of lawyer Para, who wanted Marian K. to be transferred from Leopoldov prison to Bratislava prison. It also rejected the supplementary proposal to transfer the hearings to Leopoldov prison. am/mcs
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