Marian K. Testified at NAKA, Denies Taking Part in Kuciak's Murder

13. augusta 2019 20:27
Nitra, August 13 (TASR) - Controversial entrepreneur for legal reasons identified only as Marian K. testified on Tuesday at the National Crime Agency's (NAKA) branch in Nitra in the case of the murders of journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kusnirova, with his lawyer Marek Para saying that Marian K. denied participating in the murder and clearly demonstrated his innocence. Marian K. gave only a short testimony to the interrogator. Marian K. was questioned in connection with an SMS communication found on his mobile phone that the police were able to decipher. According to Para, this is only a media and political bubble based on speculation because QR codes found in the phone cannot, according to him, be matched with specific people with whom Marian K. was allegedly writing. Para also noted that two text messages from Marian K.'s mobile phone that allegedly concerned the murder of the journalist and his fiancée, had no connection with the case at all. "It is clear from the content of the messages that they don't concern the act at all. I won't play their content to the media because it is unreliable evidence," he said. According to Para, it is much more interesting that the murder case was politicised and the investigator is trying to connect it with Smer-SD. am/mcs
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