PAS Survey: Minimum Wage Should Be Calculated by Formula, Not Set by Gov't

1. augusta 2019 20:30
Bratislava, August 1 (TASR) - The minimum wage shouldn't be set by political decision of the Government, but calculated through a formula linked to work productivity or average national wage, according to a survey on the minimum wage conducted by the Slovak Business Alliance (PAS) on a sample of 146 firms from across the entire Slovakia. The survey was held in co-operation with the Economic and Social Reforms Institute (INEKO). "Up to 95.9 percent of entrepreneurs disagree with having the minimum wage set by the Government's political decision," PAS commented on survey results. Almost 56 percent of the respondents think that the minimum wage should be calculated by a formula based on work productivity, whereas 44 percent of entrepreneurs would prefer growth in the minimum wage to be linked to growth of the average wage. mf/mcs
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