Truban: Agreement with KDH Not About Values But Sign of Decent Communication

21. júla 2019 20:50
Bratislava, July 21 (TASR) - The agreement between Progressive Slovakia (PS) and Together with the Christian Democrats (KDH) isn't about creating a coalition; it should be a sign that they can communicate with each other politely and isn't about value issues, PS/Together coalition leader Michal Truban has told TASR in an interview. Truban added that he sees many opportunities for collaboration on value issues, but this requires joint meetings and long discussions. "We wanted to show that even though we're different parties and we have different values, we can communicate with each other politely. That was one of the reasons why we went into politics - to make politics better, to make it more decent, so that people would speak about solutions and try to get closer to each other and not draw further apart from each other," said Truban. According to him, common communication has shown that it's worth exploring all the ways in which they can work together. "If we didn't see any chance now that it could work, we wouldn't do it," he said, adding that their cooperation isn't based on value issues but on other parts of their programmes, such as education and health. Truban explained that cooperation with KDH isn't a merger into a coalition, but a pre-election agreement. "Let's not attack, let's not dish dirt on each other, let's not slander each other, let's not lie about each other, that's what the old politicians do," he stated. They plan to meet with KDH leader Alojz Hlina in early August. The agreement on pre-election cooperation between PS/Together and KDH contains two specific commitments. The parties agreed on non-aggression during the election campaign. They also want to look for overlaps in programme priorities. am/df
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