Transport Ministry Expects Record Number of Tourists This Summer

21. júla 2019 20:05
Bratislava, July 21 (TASR) - Slovak tourism is thriving, with the number of visitors growing steadily for the fourth consecutive year, and this summer is also expected to break records in Slovakia, said Transport and Construction Ministry spokesperson Karolina Ducka on Sunday, adding that Slovakia can boast unique tourism features that are difficult to find anywhere else in the world. According to Ducka, this summer will be positively influenced by the newly introduced recreational vouchers that can be used by domestic holidaymakers. Another positive incentive could be an increase in subsidies for tourism organisations by more than €730,000 to over €6.4 million. The most frequently visited locations include Bratislava along with Poprad (Presov region) and Liptovsky Mikulas (Zilina region) as entry points for the High and Low Tatra mountains and their surroundings. According to Ducka, nothing should change this summer season. "Other frequently visited cities are Banska Bystrica, Kosice, Nitra and Zilina. Last but not least, spa towns such as Piestany [Trnava region] and Trencinske Teplice [Trencin region] are among the top locations," she said. Ducka went on to say that summer holidays in Slovakia are traditionally chosen by tourists from neighbouring countries, such as the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, but also Germany and the USA. "Slovakia is an attractive tourist destination where unique castles, caves, thermal springs, folk architecture and wildlife can be found. Such tourist attractions are hard to find anywhere else in the world," she stated. am/df
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