YouTube Personality Sentenced Over Remarks on Killing MPs with Rebar

12. júna 2019 16:56
Banska Bystrica, June 12 (TASR) - Banska Bystrica district court found activist and YouTube personality Rudolf V. (name abbreviated for legal reasons) guilty of inciting violence against a group of citizens over his statements made on a radio talk show and on the internet, where he threatened to beat allegedly corrupted politicians and lawmakers to death with steel reinforcing bars (rebars), TASR learnt on Wednesday. "The district court found the defendant guilty and handed down a suspended six month sentence with a probationary period of one year," TASR was told by Banska Bystrica Regional Court spokesperson Nina Spurna. The verdict is not yet valid, as Rudolf V. appealed against it to the Banska Bystrica Regional Court. "He could have come to the police. He's charged with the crime of intimidation over his talk of killing members of the National Assembly with a rebar. He had the right to be present at the questioning, yet didn't use it. He's likely aware that in the presence of police investigators his remarks might put him in even more trouble," MP Martin Poliacik (Independent) posted on a social network back in October. Poliacik was questioned by police as an aggrieved party. mf/mcs
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