Salary Growth and Job Offers Might Attract Slovaks Back from Britain

15. marca 2019 12:13
Bratislava, March 15 (TASR) - Brexit will limit foreigners' activities on the British labour market and so some Slovaks might return home, which might be beneficial for Slovak employers suffering from a lack of labour, TASR was told on Friday. Slovak labour offices have almost 81,000 job vacancies on their books at the moment, which gives Slovaks working abroad a chance of finding a place on the labour market. The Labour Ministry hopes that they might also be attracted by better pay. "The situation on the Slovak labour market has significantly improved over the past couple of years, with employers feeling a significant lack of a qualified labour, which creates pressure for stronger salary growth," stated the ministry's press department. According to the ministry, the whole process of Brexit is complicated, and so it's difficult to estimate how many people might come back to Slovakia. "Moreover, Britain is offering a simplified process for gaining settled or pre-settled status to workers from EU countries. Therefore, we don't view it as justified to expect any large number of Slovak citizens to return to their home country simply because of Brexit," stated the ministry. The current list of professions in Slovakia for which it is difficult to find labour includes jobs requiring various levels of education and experience, from managers in financial services and the IT sector to auxiliary staff in various industrial branches," added the ministry. The ministry has already prepared a manual for Slovak citizens considering returning home where they can find useful information regarding their rights and obligations when they return. They can also find current ads with job offers including salary levels offered on the internet labour market guide. A project aimed at trends and prognoses could help them to orientate themselves on the labour market as well. Visitors to can check a particular field of study and find out their chances of finding a place on the Slovak labour market within five years and what salary they can expect. ko/df
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