NAKA Proposes Charges against Marian K. & Pavol R. over Promissory Notes

15. marca 2019 13:06
Bratislava, March 15 (TASR) - An investigator of the National Crime Agency (NAKA) has filed a proposal for pressing charges against Marian K. and Pavol R. in the case of the so-called television promissory notes, in which they allegedly cooperated to commit the crime of forging, altering and fabricating money and securities without authorisation, along with the crime of obstructing justice and causing damages of €69 million, the police reported on a social network on Friday. "A NAKA investigator has concluded the case of the promissory notes by proposing that charges should be pressed. The file will be handed over to the supervising prosecutor," stated the police. TV Markiza filed a criminal complaint against Marian K. and Pavol R. for the alleged falsification of securities and obstructing justice. The TV station has expressed doubt over the authenticity of the promissory notes from the very beginning of the dispute. Markiza argues that the notes weren't registered in its accounting books or in the books of other companies that allegedly owned the notes before the original claims took place. Apart from this, Pavol R. also faces charges with three people from the Slovak underworld for planning the murder of his former associate Silvia Volzova. Marian K. is currently being prosecuted in custody in the case of the promissory notes. On Thursday, he also was charged with ordering the murder of journalist Jan Kuciak, allegedly in response to Kuciak's work. zel/df
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