Sefcovic: I Want to Be Independent and Non-partisan President

27. februára 2019 16:01
Kosice, February 27 (TASR) - I want to be an independent and non-partisan president, stated Maros Sefcovic, a presidential candidate with the support of the governing Smer-SD party, at a press briefing in Kosice on Wednesday. "I want to be a president who will unite the country and address in a constructive spirit this society-wide conflict that already divides families, poisons ties at workplaces and polarises the Slovak public in a rather dramatic fashion," claimed Sefcovic, adding that he can be an independent president despite the fact that Smer-SD nominated him three times for the post of European commissioner in the past. Sefcovic pointed out that he's a leftist politician and entered the race with this political perspective. Among the priorities that he would like to pursue as the future president are investment in young people, the protection of pensioners and the modernisation of industry. He also declared that he can't envision same-sex couples adopting children and that considers the existing legal framework sufficient, although he wouldn't fully rule out a discussion on the potential introduction of registered same-sex partnerships. mf/df/ko
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