Sefcovic Reacts to Analysis of Presidential Campaigns from TIS

23. februára 2019 18:19
Bratislava, February 23 (TASR) - Maros Sefcovic has passed the most strict screenings in Europe, Sefcovic's communication advisor Renata Goldirova stated on Friday in reaction to the analysis of the transparency of ongoing presidential campaigns from Transparency International Slovakia (TIS). According to Goldirova, Sefcovic was screened not only by Slovak intelligence services but also intelligence services of other EU countries. "The financial situation of Sefcovic is published on the webpage of the European Commission, which is the most transparent institution in the world. It's not possible to call such a candidate untransparent," stated Goldirova in a written statement. According to the analysis of TIS, Sefcovic's campaign is the 12th most transparent campaign and it's more transparent than campaigns of only two other candidates. TIS lowered Sefcovic's ranking for the fact that he wasn't willing to publish his property declaration and documents regarding taxes. The form he submitted as European Commissioner wasn't sufficiently detailed, according to TIS. zel
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