Election23: 'OLANO and Friends' Call on People to Vote on Saturday

27. septembra 2023 17:43
Bratislava, September 27 (TASR) - 'OLANO and Friends' are calling on people to vote in Saturday's (September 30) early parliamentary election, TASR learnt on Wednesday. "This isn't an ordinary election, we're in real danger of a threat to freedom," party leader Igor Matovic stated at a press conference. Matovic appeals especially to those who are thinking that they won't participate in the election. "The alibi approach that your vote doesn't solve anything has no place today," he noted, stressing that people should vote wisely and consider basic mathematics. "The more votes Progressive Slovakia will have at the expense of other democratic parties, the greater the chance of a constitutional majority of the mafia with fascists," stated Matovic. The snap general election in Slovakia is to be held on Saturday, September 30. Twenty-four parties and one coalition are running. am/mcs
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