Poprad-Tatry Airport Employees to Go on Strike Alert

19. septembra 2023 21:37
Bratislava, September 19 (TASR) - The majority of employees working at the Poprad-Tatry Airport will go on strike alert as of Wednesday, September 20, head of local labour unions Michal Pavela announced after his meeting with Transport Minister Pavel Lancaric on Tuesday. Pavela claimed that the minister has failed to dispel the unionists' concerns that the airport might get sold or downsized in the future. Lancaric responded that any such worries are absolutely unsubstantiated. Lancaric assured the unionists that no plans are in the pipes to change the character of the airport. "As for the replacement of the executive director, only the general assembly can do that, but as far as I know, no such agreement has been reached among the shareholders yet," he said. The minister doesn't agree with the employees' criticism of a personnel replacement on the board of directors, as it's not important whether the new board member has work experience in the sphere of aviation but rather with directing a big corporation. "This airport doesn't have problems with its operation, safety or aviation. Its problem is business-based, as it generates less revenue than it needs. We need a person who can help remedy that," claimed Lancaric. mf/mcs
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