Kollar: We Won't Support Expert Working Group, If They Expel Us We'll Leave

20. septembra 2021 20:51
Bratislava, September 20 (TASR) - 'We Are Family' party won't support the expert working group, formed to address the situation gripping the law enforcement, party chair Boris Kollar confirmed before a session of the coalition council on Monday. "This holds true. They can decide to expel us and then we'll leave," stated Kollar. 'We Are Family' also won't support any potential bolstering of powers of the Special Prosecutor's Office. Kollar underlined that the prosecutor's office is a monocratic body headed by the Prosecutor-General. As for the coalition agreement, Kollar pointed out that he signed it with an eye towards cleansing Slovakia of corruption. "(I signed it) in order to rid us of one mafia, but I won't allow us to create some other group that would usurp the right to justice, the same way as it was during the days of Robert Fico," added Kollar. mf/mcs
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