Via Iuris: Circumstances of Lipsic's Security Clearance Raise Doubts

27. januára 2021 13:17
Bratislava, January 27 (TASR) - NGO Via Iuris has stated that it views it as non-transparent that the public has learnt only from the media that candidate for the post of special prosecutor Daniel Lipsic obtained the necessary security clearance from the National Security Office (NBU) at the behest of Labour Minister Krajniak (We Are Family). According to the NGO, the circumstances of the case raise doubts about the candidate"s aim to act transparently as special prosecutor in any case. As Via Iuris remarked, the special prosecutor is meant to be independent from political representatives and to be impartial. He or she is also supposed to put the public interest before their own interests while adhering to strict legal regulations and procedures. In this regard, the organisation pointed to the low level of trust among the public in state institutions, especially the law-enforcement authorities. Top-secret level security clearance is a prerequisite for candidates who want to vie for the post of special prosecutor. NBU has denied in the meantime that Lipsic was granted the clearance unusually swiftly, as some media have claimed. The office at the same time objected to information that Krajniak or anyone else for that matter asked for Lipsic to be granted clearance as soon as possible. Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OLaNO) stated on Tuesday that Lipsic had provided a legal service for the Labour Ministry, and, because of that work, he applied for and received security clearance. Matovic underlined that it wasn't Krajniak who granted the clearance to Lipsic, but NBU, which did so at Krajniak's behest. "I don't see any problem with it," said Matovic. zel/df
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