Tourism Association: Hotel Booking for Winter Season Negligible for Now

21. novembra 2020 19:25
Bratislava, November 21 (TASR) - Hotels in Slovakia are currently reporting minimum reservations for the winter season, with the main reason being the lack of information and fear of guests whether facilities will be able to operate and under what conditions, Tourism Association (ZCR) president Marek Harbulak told TASR. "We also saw when the economy was being opened during the first [coronavirus] wave that guests started visiting hotels only when we were able to open swimming pools, wellness centres, water parks. The demand from guests is minimal without these services. The same applies to ski centres," emphasised Harbulak, adding that it's necessary to give a clear signal and information about the conditions for the winter season. He pointed out that only then would people start planning a holiday in Slovakia, otherwise they would begin planning it in surrounding countries. Harbulak believes that this winter season in Slovakia will be good, provided that it will be possible to provide services to domestic and ideally also foreign tourists. "We don't admit there will be no winter season. Thousands of entrepreneurs and employers in tourism wouldn't be able to survive more months without tourists and visitors," he warned. am
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