Klub 500: English Shouldn't Become Optional Foreign Language

16. apríla 2019 10:50
Bratislava, April 16 (TASR) - Klub 500, an association of companies with more than 500 employees, is against the Education Ministry's proposal to allow headteachers of primary schools to decide which foreign language - English, German, French, Russian, Italian or Spanish - will be taught as the primary foreign language at their schools, Klub 500 executive manager Tibor Gregor has told TASR. According to Gregor, this move is unsystematic and harmful. "The state has invested huge resources in the education of English and teachers who are supposed to teach English. The English language is also important from the viewpoint of the labour market. It's the most preferred language among employers, and graduates with a weak command of English could struggle to find a job in the future," he said. Gregor disputed the claim that the ministry decided to adopt the measure based on feedback from employer's associations. "They are the ones who demanded that English should be compulsory," he stated. The ministry's press team stated for TASR that move has been welcomed by several French and German employers. "As an example we can mention the fact that in western Slovakia large car plants, [owned by] Volkswagen and Peugeot Citroen, employ our citizens," stated the press team. According to the ministry, primary schools would like a free hand in this matter. "If a school and its pupils like having English as the primary foreign language, they are free to keep it this way," it stated. If a pupil decides on a different language, English will become their secondary foreign language. Klub 500 has asked the ministry to re-evaluate the proposal and not to implement measures that will lower the quality of graduates. The change is set to come into force as of September. zel/df
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