Three Quarters of Tax Audits This Year Discovered Flaws

11. júla 2019 21:11
Bratislava, July 11 (TASR) - Auditors of Financial Administration (the tax office) conducted 7,916 tax inspections last year, which resulted in discoveries of incorrectly paid taxes in 5,469 cases (approximately 70 percent), while the proportion of shortcomings revealed in the checks has risen to 75 percent this year, Financial Administration reported on Thursday. "The effectiveness of Financial Administration's tax audits is increasing each year. It currently reaches 75 percent. The amount of retained excess deductions and the time taken during the checks is also declining significantly," said Financial Administration spokeswoman Ivana Skokanova. Over the first five months of this year Financial Administration carried out nearly 4,000 inspections. "As a result, almost €300 million was found," said Skokanova. Meanwhile, the highest single amount linked to tax evasion this year was worth more than €40 million. In this case, the company didn't include in the tax base the share of profits of a general partner who was the subject of the tax. am/df
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