Most-Hid to Support Public Election of Candidates for Constitutional Judges

11. februára 2019 11:48
Bratislava, February 11 (TASR) - The co-governing Most-Hid party will support a public election of candidates for judges of the Constitutional Court, TASR learnt from party spokesperson Klara Debnar on Monday. The party wants to rule out any speculation regarding backstage agreements with the far-right LSNS party in this way, said Debnar, adding that the party will make maximum efforts to see 18 candidates elected as constitutional judges. "It's with deep concern and indignation that the Most-Hid party has observed various backstage tactical games played by some parties. We are thereby declaring that Most-Hid MPs hasn't been involved in these games," said Debnar in reaction to information in the media regarding negotiations between Smer-SD and some LSNS MPs. Parliament is set to elect candidates for constitutional judges on Tuesday (February 12). MPs should select 18 from 39 applicants for the posts and submit them to the president, who should then appoint nine judges to serve at the Constitutional Court for 12 years. ko/df
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