Slovakia Will Try to Restore Dialogue between Kiev and Moscow

11. januára 2019 11:52
Vienna, January 11 (TASR) - During the Slovak presidency of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Slovak diplomacy will try to restore negotiations at the top level between Kiev and Moscow, head of the OSCE Centre for Conflict Prevention Marcel Pesko stated on Thursday. Pesko didn't say whether Slovakia will really be able to significantly advance the Ukrainian peace process in 2019. "All parameters are set up for this. We have the Minsk protocols, we have a trilateral contact group, we know what needs to be done: to set up a long-term cease-fire, move away heavy machinery, start dealing with humanitarian issues, prepare elections and enable Ukrainians to access the border between Russia and Ukraine," said Pesko. Pesko noted that although there are basic parameters of a peace agreement, "the top political leaders of the countries involved in this conflict aren't communicating with each other". It is for this reason that the main priority of the Slovak presidency is to try to restore this dialogue. In connection with solving the recent incident between Russia and Ukraine, which took place in the Kerch Strait in November last year, Pesko said that the whole "situation has a wider dimension". "There is also the dimension of the Maritime Law as well as the bilateral agreement of 2003, which is not being respected by both parties. It's rather a matter of a bilateral solution and the extent to which the Russian Federation and Ukraine will use the OSCE instruments to mitigate the conflict and prevent possible escalation in the future," he added. am/mcs
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