Danko: Founders of Czechoslovakia Would Be Happy about Our Relations

6. decembra 2018 16:08
Bratislava, December 6 (TASR) - The founders of the Czechoslovak Republic would enjoy the relationships between our peoples; others envy us our mutual friendship at every meeting, Slovak Parliamentary Chair Andrej Danko (Slovak National Party/SNS) said during a press conference on Thursday after the address presented by Speaker of the Czech Chamber of Deputies Radek Vondracek in the Slovak Parliament. "I can"t imagine a more dignified celebration of the anniversary of the common republic than a speech made by the speaker of the Czech Chamber of Deputies in the Slovak Parliament. We really co-operate a lot, including legislation, exchange of information, common positions within the V4 [Visegrad Four grouping], and joint foreign visits. We're envied this mutual enrichment, this friendship at every meeting," said Danko. Vondracek also highlighted the close relationship during his speech in Parliament. He mentioned, for example, our co-operation in the V4 but also in the European Union. Danko noted at the same time that Vondracek is historically the first foreign citizen, but also the first chair of another parliament, who had the opportunity to make a speech in the Slovak Parliament. "Who else should make a speech here, if not a representative of our close Czech nation?" he said. "It's a great honour for me, thank you very much for this initiative. When I entered the hall, I felt like at home. Thank you for the kind reception," said Vondracek after his performance. am/mcs/tz
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