Fico: I'm Seeking New Accommodation and Day Will Come When I'll Move Out

12. októbra 2018 19:15
Bratislava, October 12 (TASR) - Smer-SD chair and ex-premier (2012-18) Robert Fico is still seeking appropriate accommodation and the day will come when he will move out of the Bonaparte complex, owned by entrepreneur and tax fraud suspect Ladislav Basternak, but a house cannot be purchased or built overnight, TASR learnt on Friday. "You know the circumstances under which I rented an apartment in this complex. No one suspected back then how things would play out. If we saw it this way, then everyone would have to move out of the Bonaparte complex - including diplomats who live there," Fico replied to a question raised by journalists as to when he will move out of the Bonaparte complex. "I rented the apartment myself and I pay for it on my own. I'm continuing to pay for it, the apartment played an important role, as it was here I invited foreign guests." When a journalist noted that Fico has been searching for new accommodation for two years already, Fico replied that the decision when and where to move is up to him and no one else. "Leave me alone, I didn't do anything bad. I rented the apartment and I pay a commercial rent for it. I don't know what kind of topic is this. Tell me: how did I violate the law, what did I steal? When I rented it, there were no obstacles. State officials were coming there for visits and the apartment met the purpose I needed," claimed Fico. mf/mcs/tz
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