Fico: We've Prepared a Proposal Enabling Women to Retire Earlier

12. októbra 2018 17:30
Bratislava, October 12 (TASR) - The coalition Smer-SD party along with the Labour Ministry has drawn up an amending proposal to the constitutional bill on introducing pension age caps that would enable women who have raised children to retire even earlier than at 64 years, stated Smer-SD chairman Robert Fico at a press conference on Friday. Fico added that his party wants to discuss with the Opposition legislators the details about in what way and at what age these women should retire. "The proposal is being discussed within the [parliamentary] committees. However, without the Opposition the constitutional bill cannot be approved. In co-operation with the Labour Ministry we have prepared an amending proposal that concerns especially women who have children, raise them and take care of them," said the Smer-SD chair. "We have been very careful with the wording [of the bill] so that it is not about women having four children and not taking care of them, and despite that automatically receiving certain benefits," said Fico, adding that Smer-SD wants this benefit to be for women who not only give birth but also raise and educate their children. "... in such a case a woman should retire sooner," he said. The Smer-SD-sponsored constitutional bill on introducing retirement age caps is currently having its second reading in Parliament. The MPs are set to have a final vote on it at the session due to start on October 16. At least 90 votes in the 150-member Parliament are needed for constitutional bills to be passed. At its first reading the draft was backed by 93 MPs of 145 present, including some Opposition lawmakers, for example, from We Are Family and the far-right People's Party Our Slovakia (LSNS). tz/mcs
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