Kollar: People in Slovakia Shouldn't Retire from Work Straight to Cemetery

18. septembra 2018 21:03
Bratislava, September 18 (TASR) - People in Slovakia are so worn out by work that politicians shouldn't allow a situation to arise in which they "retire from work straight to the cemetery", said Opposition We Are Family chairman Boris Kollar, whose party on Tuesday assisted the governing Smer-SD in passing a constitutional bill on pension age caps at 64 to the second reading in Parliament. Commenting that by this bill Smer is only correcting an increase in retirement age that it introduced itself in the past, Kollar announced that his party will attempt to push through in talks with the main governing party a provision allowing women to retire one year earlier for each child they had, instead of only six months as stipulated in the current draft. Meanwhile, the bill was also backed by some MPs from the coalition Most-Hid, which has criticised it. MP Andrej Hrnciar said that he voted for it by mistake. "I had stated so many times that I wouldn't vote for it, and I eventually probably made a mistake and voted for it," said Hrnciar, adding that he'll be more careful in round two. The vote was praised by coalition Slovak National Party (SNS) chairman Andrej Danko and co-author of the draft Erik Tomas (Smer-SD). "A constitutional majority of MPs in the first reading voted for the draft of the constitutional amendment, although a simple majority would have been enough to pass it to the second reading," said Tomas. bub/mcs
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