Krajniak: Sacking Soldiers for Helping Slovak Recruits Is Wrong

14. septembra 2018 21:08
Bratislava, September 14 (TASR) - Sacking professional soldiers of the Slovak Armed Forces due to their involvement in the activities of the paramilitary organisation Slovenski branci (Slovak Recruits) and similar organisations is simply not right, thinks Opposition MP Milan Krajniak (We Are Family), adding that the army should instead motivate the people from these organisations to become soldiers in reserve. "He is punishing professional soldiers who haven't violated any regulations and in their free time they've tried to help volunteers to gain military skills," said Krajniak about the decision adopted by Defence Minister Peter Gajdos (SNS) in early August. The minister announced that he would dismiss professional soldiers who have participated in the activities of Slovenski branci or similar organisations. Krajniak's stance was backed by general in reserve Pavel Macko who has left the army after Daniel Zmeko was appointed new chief of the Slovak Armed Forces' general staff. "Not everyone who joins these [paramilitary] groups has any agenda or political opinions. They only enjoy doing it [military exercises] and have no other possibility to do that," said Macko, adding that the army should change its recruiting strategy, as it has been experiencing a shortage of reservists and the current system of voluntary military training isn't very attractive for people. Macko rejected the idea of introducing mandatory military training, however. tz/mcs
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