SaS: Proposed Code of Ethics Allows MPs to Keep Gifts in Confidence

14. septembra 2018 14:04
Bratislava, September 14 (TASR) - Even though the governing coalition torpedoes any effort to make the constitutional legislation governing the conflict of interest more stringent, it also attempts to make people believe that issues of gifts and lobbying will be addressed by the MP code of ethics, claims the opposition Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party, which levels criticism at the proposed code of ethics. SaS pointed that if the code of ethics is passed, lawmakers will be able to keep gifts in confidence. "The way they addressed the issue of gifts - which might be [the veneer for] real corruption - is that a lawmaker won't be obliged to report gifts received on the occasion of "personal anniversaries". Hence, all it takes is to provide the gift as part of lawmaker's birthday, namesday, the anniversary of their wedding, school graduation, dentures insertion or any other made-up anniversary and the gift remains in confidence," claimed parliamentary Conflict of Interest Committee chair Vladimir Sloboda (SaS). The preponderance of text in the proposed code of ethics is just a "linguistic filler" about collegial relationships, respect, good reputation and lawmaker dresscode, believes Sloboda. The code of ethics, slated to be approved in October, deals with protection of Slovakia's good reputation, lawmaker dress code and manners, but also the acceptance of gifts, clientelism and corruption as well as behaviour aimed to avoid quarrels and physical attacks in the chamber. mf
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