Czech Police Apprehends Radical Muslim Terrorist Suspect of Slovak Origin

14. septembra 2018 13:13
Prague, September 14 (TASR) - Czech police apprehended a radical Slovak Muslim man, who had chemicals along with manuals on how to produce a bomb at his flat, Czech news website reported on Friday. When converting to Islam three years ago, the man adopted the name Abdul Rahman and now goes down in history as the first Islamic fanatic in the Czech Republic facing charges of plotting a terrorist attack. Identified due to legal reasons only as Dominik K., the man posted disturbing messages on a social network, including a photograph containing an inscription: "This country will be ours! And it won't be for everyone!" According to, once the man converted to Islam, he was dressing up in a soldier's garb and greeting others with the raised right forefinger, the salute used by the Islamic State terrorist organisation. The defendant refuses the accusations and claims that he only intended to use chemicals for fireworks. "All the chemicals found in my flat were supposed to be used for the domestic production of pyrotechnics to celebrate New Year's Eve, which my family and childhood friend can corroborate," the man stated. However, police finds the explanation unconvincing. "The chemicals were meant for the production of weapons, not pyrotechnics. As a Muslim, he doesn't celebrate New Year's Eve," claimed investigators from Czech National Centre Against Organised Crime's religious terrorism and extremism department. This police interpretation was embraced also by the Prosecutor's Office, which pointed out that any celebration of New Year's Eve or Christmas flies in the face of religious doctrines upheld by the young Muslim. mf
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