SNS Sends Almost 5,000 Candidates to Local Elections

14. septembra 2018 14:40
Bratislava, September 14 (TASR) - The junior governing Slovak National Party (SNS) will have a total of nearly 5,000 candidates in the local elections set to be held in November, TASR learnt on Friday. There are more than 40 candidates that will fight for the mayor's chair, who run as candidates of SNS or in a coalition with the national party. In the case of candidates for mayors in villages, SNS has more than 700 candidates. "We can say that the Slovak National Party has 13 candidates for mayors who don't have a rival candidate," stated head of SNS chairman Andrej Danko's Office Zuzana Skopcova. There are also almost 4,000 candidates who will run for the post of councillor. "In this year's local elections, the party will have by 200-percent more candidates than in the elections in 2014," added Skopcova. Official candidates will only be known after they have been registered by election commissions. The local elections take place on Saturday, November 10. am
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