Kiska: Surgeons Should Join Discussion about Health Care Reform

12. septembra 2018 20:11
Zilina, September 12 (TASR) - Work in the Slovak health sector is extremely demanding but despite this fact we have people who give it all their heart and take care of ensuring that the health of our people has a good level, said Slovak President Andrej Kiska in his address to the 43rd Joint Congress of Slovak and Czech Surgeons, which is taking place from Wednesday to Friday (September 14) in Zilina. Kiska thanked surgeons for their self-sacrificing work and asked them to join the discussion about health care reform. "According to [Milan Rastislav] Stefanik [influential in the setting up of Czechoslovakia], those who think that others will fight for their freedom, don't deserve freedom. I paraphrased him a bit and said that those who think that others will fight for them to have better health care, don't deserve better health care. It is the task of doctors, and all of us, who know in what condition health care is, to fight for better health care," stressed the Slovak president. According to the scientific secretary of the congress and the head of the surgery department at the Zilina Teaching Hospital with Policlinic, Juraj Vana, surgeons from all Slovak and Czech surgical wards have met in Zilina. "We have nearly 500 medical staff registered. The congress is divided into two blocks separately for surgeons and nurses," said Vana. am/mcs
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