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The News Agency of the Slovak Republic

About TASR

The News Agency of the Slovak Republic (TASR) is a public-service, national and independent institution that provides information in the area of news coverage in accordance with the public interest. It was set up via Act No. 308/2008 on the News Agency of the Slovak Republic.

TASR isn't subsidised by the state; rather, it earns money by selling its products and agency news coverage. It enters into contracts with the state to fulfill objectives in the public interest as stipulated in the law.
TASR is headed by a director-general, who acts as its statutory body. The post is currently held by PhDr. Jaroslav Reznik. The director-general is voted in by a five-strong administrative board. The board, for its part, is elected by Parliament. It is made up of an expert in the media, an economist, a lawyer, an IT specialist and an employee representative.

TASR is the leader on Slovakia's news agency market. It's a member of the The European Alliance of Press Agencies (EANA).

What TASR Offers

TASR's Services:
Domestic, Foreign, Economic, Sports, Photo (includes photo and video), Audio, Easy, Export (English and Czech), Hot-line.
It releases 250,000 news releases per year on news from Slovakia and its regions, from abroad, economy, sports. In addition, it publishes photos, videos and audio recordings and provides a hot-line service (news to mobiles).

TASR also provides news bulletins in English and Slovak (automotive industry, construction, banks, etc.), searching services, unique archives of photos, media monitoring, etc.
For more information on TASR or its products, please contact the sales department.


Lamačská 3, 841 04 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
TASR desks -, +421 2 59210 444
TASR Sales Department - +421 2 59210 173
TASR IT support -, +421 2 5921 0305

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